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Voice Lessons in 
Ocala, FL
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At Nieves Music Studio we offer personalized one-on-one lessons that are catered to our students personal interests and goals.
Whether a student is interested in classical music, contemporary music, or anything in-between, our curriculum is designed to help each student along their individual musical journey.

We treat each of our students like family and get to know their individual learning styles so that we can best guide them through their learning experience.

If you're interested in Music Lessons, Call or Text us at 352-282-0771.
Or fill the form out at the top of the page.

Voice Lessons

We love helping our students find their own unique voice.

Whether it's church music, choral music, pop, rock, classical, or a mixture of many different styles; our lessons are geared towards helping our students sing and develop their voice to their full potential in a fun, free, and healthy way.

From beginner to intermediate or advanced, our lessons will provide you with personalized guidance so that you can work towards being the best singer you can be.

Voice Instructor

Jennifer Nieves

Owner &
Piano/Voice Instructor

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education with an Emphasis in Choral Music from The University of Mobile. She has been a music teacher for over 10 years and has experience teaching privately and in the public school system. Her students have gone on to receive superiors at State Solo & Ensemble, study music at the collegiate level, and have been cast in professional musical companies.

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Program Options:
Standard Lessons (30 Minutes)   - 
Advanced Lessons (60 Minutes) - 
Standard lessons are great for younger and beginner students. These shorter time slots are fast-paced to help students stay engaged the entire time.

Advanced Lessons are best suited for older and experienced students with a diligent practice routine. These lessons focus on refining technique and applying it through song/repertoire.
Lessons are once per week. Tuition is divided into equal monthly payments for your convenience. When starting mid-month the tuition is adjusted accordingly. Students can withdraw anytime by providing notice by the 20th of the month.

Standard Lessons (Weekly 30min) -
Advanced Lessons (Weekly 60min) -

$110 / per month
$225 / per month


For more info, Call or Text us at

Glasses and Music Sheet
Benefits of Voice Lessons

1. Vocal Control: Singing lessons help develop precise vocal control, allowing you to hit and sustain the right notes.


2. Breath Support: Learning proper breathing techniques enhances your ability to project your voice and sustain long phrases.


3. Expressive Communication: Voice lessons teach you to convey emotions effectively, making your singing more expressive and engaging.


4. Range Expansion: With guidance, you can expand your vocal range, reaching higher and lower notes with confidence.


5. Pitch Accuracy: Singing lessons improve pitch accuracy, ensuring that you sing in tune and harmonize effectively.


6. Confidence Building: Developing your singing skills boosts self-confidence, both on and off the stage.


7. Artistic Interpretation: Voice lessons enable you to interpret and convey the meaning behind song lyrics, adding depth to your performances.


8. Performance Skills: Learn stage presence, microphone technique, and other performance skills that enhance your overall presentation.


9. Stylistic Exploration: Singing lessons provide the opportunity to explore different singing styles and genres, expanding your musical versatility.

10. Lifelong Joy: Singing is a lifelong skill that brings joy and fulfillment, whether you aspire to perform professionally or simply enjoy singing for yourself and others.

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